Hardcore: Studying the Dictionary

It's been two months and ~300 pages since I've started this crazy trip. Who is actually going to read the entire dictionary?? Well I did. I finished step 1 (marking up all the words I know) and step 2 (marking all the important words) and now I'm slowly passing through step 3: writing each and... Continue Reading →

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Before you Take the Topik Test

I took the TOPIK Test for the 2nd time this past weekend in Chuncheon and I'm feeling hopefully optimistic about it. Maybe I'll get a 6 this time? Anyways, for those of you who don't know, the TOPIK is the Test of Proficiency in Korean, or the Korean Language Proficiency Test. In Korea, they often... Continue Reading →

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Lessons from a monk

https://youtu.be/AR5WJ3NCWME Seonwoo sseunim on the drums This past weekend I went to Geumseonsa 금선사 Temple in Korea. 삼천사계곡 밑에 있어요! It's located by the A! It's a 30-minute bus ride and 15-minute walk from 경복궁 Gyeongbok Palace. This is my third time there, having offered to volunteer my interpreting/translation services and general assistance to the... Continue Reading →

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Study Update 3 |공부 업데이트

Working on my writing There are several ways I practice my writing. Besides every day text conversations with my friends through KakaoTalk, I also text with some people on HelloTalk, an app through which you can meet friends all over the world. You can post your writing on there and ask for corrections, read other... Continue Reading →

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Study Update 2|공부 업데이트

Today's update is on: Listening! Recently, I've given up on watching Korean news (too boring and too fast and too much jargon) and taken up Korean Ted Talks! 요새 한국 뉴스를 포기했고 (내용이 재미 없고 속도 너무 빠르고 은어 너무 많아서) 한국 테드톡을 보기 시작했다! sebasi Yes, I'm talking about Sebasi. It's short for 세상을... Continue Reading →

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Life Questions

There are three questions you need to know the answer to in order to get your life to where you want to be. They are: What do you want? Do you want a big house? A middle-income job? To be a chef? The boss of your own company? Before starting anything I think it is... Continue Reading →

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